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What We Do

We service all of your sheetmetal and general fabrication needs - whether it be mild, galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum.


Our highly skilled and experienced team are focused on delivering the outcomes our customers require, whilst striving for win in relationships, whether it be our customers, supplier or staff. 

Our aim is to produce all of your fabrication requirements, whilst achieving quality and delivery project leadtimes, to provide improved efficiencies for your projects.

Our state of the art machinery enables the highest quality products are produced, with consistent performance. 


Area Of Expertise

We specialise in quality metal fabrication for the HVAC and Construction industries.  

Our recent projects include cabinets for M8 Motorway tunnel, Barangaroo Towers plantroom ductwork, and fan housing for Data Centres.


Products offered

  • General sheet metal and steel fabrication work

  • Stainless steel and aluminum fabrication

  • Silencer / Attenuator manufacture

  • Subduct manufacture

  • Heavy gauge flanged duct (up to 10 mm)

  • Condenser and cooling tower discharge

  • Plinth frames – available as fully assembled or simple self assembly / modular format

  • Mounting frames and brackets

  • Roof cowls

  • Stainless steel hoods

  • Site boxes

  • Centre lifters



Our Smithfield based facility is well equipped, with the latest technology and machinery to fulfil vast range of fabrication requirements.


  • 2 x Amada 4kw hi-speed Laser Cutters 

  • 1 x 3kw Flatbed & Tube Cutter Combo

  • Automated Laser Tube Cutter

  • Waterjet Profile Cutter

  • Pathfinder / Insulation Cutter

  • ART Router Ductboard Cutter 

  • 3 metre 90 tonne Press Brake

  • 3 metre 120 tonne CNC Press Brake

  • 4 metre 160 tonne CNC Press Brake

  • Handheld Laser Welding Machines

  • High quality Synergic Pulse Welding Machines

  • 2 x Demmeler Welding Bench Systems

  • HVAC Machining Cell

  • Inventor 3D design software


Our work



324 Woodpark Road

Smithfield NSW 2164

Tel: (02) 9756 0090

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